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Ready to sell your home? We have some tips and tricks to get you to the top of the market!

When it comes to selling your home, it’s all about presentation and showing buyers how great it is to live in your home! To make this happen, you will need to strategize the BEST way to set your home apart from your neighbors. These four steps will help you sell your home fast and make the most money possible!

Here’s how to win over buyers, get noticed and sell your home!

Number 1 - Invest in AMAZING listing photos

Most buyers decide within seconds of viewing pictures if they are interested in the property! These photos set the stage for your listing and they are the determining factor on whether or not a buyer schedules a showing. While cell phone cameras are impressive, nothing beats the eye and expertise of hiring a photographer who specializes in real estate photography. BeUrban only works with the top local photographers to shoot and edit our photos. Not only do we use the best photographers, our agents are always onsite for the photoshoot and have training on how to stage the space and get the best angles and lighting! We always go above and beyond for our clients. Statistically, listings with high quality photography sell 33% faster than the competition!

Number 2 - Know the Market Value and price your home to sell!

Regardless of the strength of the market, some homes may sit on the market for months and months! This can be very discouraging to sellers and buyers alike. It may even make buyers wonder “what’s wrong with this place??”

Most of the time in this circumstance, it’s because a home is overpriced. Every buyer has a budget and when searching for homes, an overpriced home will sit in the same category and compete with homes that are priced correctly! This means the house will sit on the market until the price is finally dropped to the correct place.

Alternatively, if you price your home correctly, it will show amongst the nicest homes within their budgets and will lead to more showings and a sale! You never know? You could find some who falls in love with the home and will pay a premium to close the deal! All of this leads to a higher net profit on the sale of your home.

Did you know our website offers a “Home Value Estimator” for instant pricing of the value of your home calculated by recent market data in your neighborhood? It’s easy to use and give instant results! If you need more help determining the ideal list price for your home. Pricing your home competitively from the start = more money in your pocket!

Number 3 - Make each showing count!

When a buyer takes the necessary steps to schedule a showing, this is your moment to shine! We recommend to always make your home showing ready in case a short notice request comes through. Many times buyers are deterred by too many limitations on availability. Be “show ready” as much as possible!

What does “SHOW READY” entail? Keep things organized in case an impromptu request comes through. It may be a little extra effort for busy professionals and families but putting a bit more time into keep your home tidy, fresh-smelling and ready for drop in buyers will help your home sell fast! (Plus, the faster it sells, the quicker you can get back to your regular routine!)

Number 4 – Follow our tried and true marketing plan

sold homeYou will find some agents list homes the old fashioned way – put up a sign, add the listing to MLS and pray it sells! Time’s have changed! 9 out of 10 buyers find their homes from an online search and THEN bring their choices to their agent!

Our team gets that. We have invested in the latest technology and search engine optimization so our properties are where buyer’s look! Not only do we focus on pre-listing campaigns designed to drive interest and curiosity to your home, then we focus on post listing so your homes stays on top of the searches wherever buyers go!

We utilize social media as well to connect buyers with channels to find their dream home so you can move on to your next step!


Time to get ahead of the competition! Contact us to schedule a no commitment consultation to see how we can help you rock the sale of your home!